Altium Circuit Maker Tutorial

Circuit Maker

One of my professors asked me to make a video about Circuit Maker, a new PCB design software from Altium. It’s completely free, but it is cloud based. I’ve used Eagle, Diptrace, and Circuit Maker and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but Circuit Maker is my favorite among the free software. Also, I think it would be the best for beginners, as it uses a ribbon-based user interface similar to the new Microsoft Office UI’s. The routing environment has a lot of the same features as Altium Designer, and it probably uses the same underlying code. It’s powerful, free, and easy to use. Dave Jones did a review of the software if you want to see his opinion on the software, business model ,etc.

Here’s the video. I’m not great at videos (I sound super boring) and would have done just a quick write up, but my professor asked me to make it a video, so I did. For those of you who are being asked to watch this video, I’m sorry if you fall asleep! If you follow along in the software while you watch the video it might not be as boring.

Also, if you don’t have it yet you can download Circuit Maker here.

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