Hakko 936 LED Modification



I love my Hakko 936 soldering iron. I bought it second hand a couple years ago because I couldn’t afford a better iron. Turns out I didn’t need a better iron. The Hakko 936 is a great soldering iron, and I’ve only ever had one problem with it. The LED…

The way the LED on the Hakko 936 soldering iron presents a lot of information to the user. When the iron is heating up, the LED on. When the iron has reached it’s set temperature it goes off, and begins to flash. The only problem is, the LED flashes very slowly. After every solder job, because I’m a little scatter brained, I have to ask myself, “Did I turn off my iron?” Then I have to stare at the LED until the next flash, or until it doesn’t flash. That five seconds of waiting is excruciating, and I finally decided to do something about it.

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