Scraping the Web with Python

📅 Sun, Aug 16, 20

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Scraping the web with Python, and sending a notification to my phone when a site changes.

Testing a DC-DC Converter Module

📅 Tue, Feb 09, 16

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Testing an LM7805-pin-compatible buck converter, just for fun.

MSP430 VFD Clock – Manhattan Style

📅 Sat, Jan 23, 16

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A clock that displays the time on an IV-18 vacuum florescent display tube, powered by the MSP430, and reusing some of the code from my MSP430 analog gauge clock.

Hakko 936 LED Modification

📅 Tue, Jan 12, 16

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Adding red/green functionality to the LED on my soldering iron, so that I don't have to stare at it for 10 seconds just to see if I remembered to turn it off.

Tags: electronics programming microcontroller repair python