About Me

My name is Daniel Johnson, and I love electronics. I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and am working on a second bachelor’s degree in computer science. I work for an industrial HVAC company as a hardware engineer on an embedded systems design team.

Feel free to contact me at:
📧 daniel@danielelectronics.com

About This Site

I previously had a Wordpress.com site that I started in my senior year of college (the first time around). I made the site because I wanted to have something cool come up when potential employers googled my name. The posts on this website from 2016 were originally on that website. After I got my first job I didn’t touch my website for about four years, but knew I wanted to do more with it. I wanted to redo the website on my own, writing the HTML, CSS, and Javascript myself, but I also wanted to keep the barrier to writing new posts as low as possible. I ended up using the static site generator Jekyll, but instead of using a theme I decided I would write my own layouts and styling. This site is the result. You can see the source code on Github, but I am not a web developer so my code (especially the CSS) is not pretty, and I relied heavily on sites like W3Schools and Codepen for examples.

Possible Future Posts

  • Bose Soundbar Repair
  • UNI-T Multimeter Repair
  • Conway’s Game of Life on Microcontroller
  • ESP32 temp/humidity sensor network