My Gear

Electronic Equipment

Tektronix DPO2024B - This is the modern oscilloscope I use for work.

Tektronix 2205 - This is my old-school oscilloscope. It gets the job done in a pinch.

Fluke 117 - My main multimeter that I use for work.

Fluke 77 IV - My second multimeter. (You can’t just have one!)

GW Instek PSP-603 - Programmable switch mode DC power supply. I love the output relay and output enable switch feature.

HP 6284A - A solid linear power supply with a beautiful hand-drawn PCB layout. You can still find these on eBay.

Topward 6303A - A tracking linear power supply.

Wavetek 182A - A function generator. I bought this on eBay, replaced the blown output transistors, and then never really used it.


ThinkPad E470 - My personal laptop.

  • Intel Core i7-7500U
  • Nvidia 940MX
  • 16 GB DDR4 2133 MHz

Workstation/Gaming PC - Coming soon…

Audio Equipment

Sony MDR-V6 - I love these headphones and used them for years. Unfortunately, they are now discontinued. I mostly use these with my home theater receiver when I’m watching TV late at night or when my wife is working.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO - 80 Ohm - Great headphones, every bit as good as my beloved MDR-V6’s. I have not had them long enough to really compare the two, but I can already recommend them to anyone who likes studio closed-back headphones.

Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 - A good entry-level dynamic microphone. I mostly use it for meetings/calls while working remotely.

Motu M2 Audio Interface - An XLR-to-USB audio interface. You might be wondering why I spent nearly seven times as much on my interface as on my microphone. I got this interface because I didn’t want to be limited by its performance or features in even if I decide to upgrade my $25 microphone to something much more performant and expensive in the future. It also has USB type C and some really cool VU meters.

Gator Frameworks Mic Stand - It’s a mic stand, and it’s built like a tank.

Home Theater

Denon AVR-S720W - A 7.2 channel home-theater receiver. I’ve had it for four years and still get occasional firmware updates for it. I love this thing.

Pioneer by Andrew Jones Speakers - A great speaker series without spending tons of money for something like Klipsch or Bose. I have the Atmos-enabled bookshelf speakers for Left and Right channels (in retrospect I would just by the normal bookshelf speakers as the Atmos “reflections” don’t do much), the center channel, the regular bookshelf speakers for surrounds, and the subwoofer. This system sounds great and blows any soundbar out of the water.

2016 Vizio E-Series TV - I like this TV, and I got a great deal on it, but its lack of HDR makes me wonder if I should have spent more. I won’t be upgrading until I can get something with HDMI 2.1 that won’t break the bank, so it’s gonna be a while.

Smart Home

Samsung SmartThing Hub V2 - I use this to facilitate my Z-wave network of smart switches and a Z-wave plug adapter.

GE Z-Wave Switches - I have 5 switches and one dimmer switch. It’s enough for my apartment.

Google Home Mini 1st Gen - Great little home assistant, and always on sale. This is my main interface to my smart home as I mostly use voice commands.

Xaiomi Desk Lamp - A sleek LED desk lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature and smart home integration.

Ember Smart Mug - This was a gift (though I was very tempted to buy it for myself when I first heard of it). I consider this the pinnacle of questionable-utility internet-of-things tech, and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I own a $99 coffee cup, but man is it nice when my coffee just magically stays warm.